Inorganic pigments known to be used by the permanent cosmetic industry

  • Color additive (colorant) listings are considered safe by the FDA
  • Do not require batch certification because the FDA does not consider inorganic pigments risky in regard to public health
  • Iron oxides hold a very important place in the pigment market because of their wide range of colors, stability, and nontoxic nature.
  • By far, iron is the most common and stable of all the elements.
  • Iron oxides are separated into four major classifications: Browns, Reds, Blacks and Yellows
  • In reality, inorganic pigments are from a natural source (the earth,) organic pigments are chemically manufactured for cost effective purposes and variety, whereas true natural organic pigments are not even used in our industry.
  • Pigments are insoluble. They are not affected by what is mixed into them. They do not dissolve.