Machine and Needles

  • 7 Prong Curved Needle

    140.00د.إ + VAT
    • Medical grade stainless steel.
    • 7 prong curve.
    • 30 pcs/pkg.
  • Flat Needle Cap

    180.00د.إ + VAT
    • Mosaic pen flat needle cap.
    • Regulates the airflow for an even amount of pigment and better result. Not enough air causes a vacuum effect and sucks up pigment. Too much air can force pigment down too hard and will splatter, and less pigment gets to the skin. Less pigment in the skin will cause the color to fade.
    • 30 per pkg
  • Micro Blading Pen

    220.00د.إ + VAT
    • Stainless steel manual pen
  • Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

    45.00د.إ1,500.00د.إ + VAT
    The benefits are: * A better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin * Up and down motion is more precise * Less damage or traumas to the skin and better healing of area. * Higher rpm offers technicians smooth results in less time * Less touch-ups needed * Less fading means more professional results