Hackel Brush

384.00د.إ + VAT

  • Hackel is a giant comb for combing and disentangling the hair
  • Wood with pointed needles
  • 1pc






A hackle brush is plate with rows of pointed needles use to blend hair.

  • This tool is used as a preliminary step in the process of custom wig making.
  • It is typically clamped firmly to a table before use.
  • The pointed needles are very sharp – the hackle is used for three main purposes: mixing or blending hairs in special blends of colors, untangling wigs or hair extensions, and preparing the hair in a single or double draw.
  • For single drawn, we get rid of the shortest hairs in the bundle at the root area.
  • For double drawn, to draw one bundle in it, with each different lengths that is, separating their different lengths.
  • Double drawn (DD) hair tends to be far more expensive than any other hair ( for four ounces of DD we may have used over a kilogram of single drawn) especially long lengths. In DD, all hairs have the same length

Methods of mixing:

  • Must be secured to table
  • Piece of paper – to fit and push down on to hackle prongs with the other, taking care not to catch your fingers.
  • The paper will keep the hackel clean and enables a quick change by lifting the paper out, using a tail comb.
  • Take and hold your desired hair color to mix, comb repeatedly through the prong, while keeping twisting the hair.
  • When color mix is done, pull and knead the hair.
  • Tie the root end.