Hair Clip

25.00د.إ + VAT

  • Purple
  • Metal
  • 10pcs/pack




Make sure you at least have a tail comb, or better yet, this hair clip.  On your hand, as you’re working, you can quickly divide and section hair. You’ll save a lot of time, because you don’t have to keep reaching down to pick up your comb and then setting it down again. The hair clip is pointed enough to be precise, but it won’t hurt your client at all with proper use.

To make the basic part:

1. Start on the top of the head and part down the middle into two equal sections (regardless where your client parts her hair normally). Take the part to the ears.

2. Perpendicular to the first part, part from the top of the head down to the ears. You will be left with two sections in the front of the head and a large section in the back.

Gator Clips:

While you’re working on the bottom layers, it’s important to keep the rest of the hair out of the way.  Gator clips work well because they are curved to fit comfortable on the head.

Clips help keep the part as clean as possible. With all methods, but especially Tape-In, an exact part is important. If fly aways and stray hair gets caught in the bonds, it can damage hair. Don’t be afraid to use several clips to hold hair up while you’re installing the extensions. You want to make sure that the only hair in the bond is the hair you meant to put there.

U-Link and I-Link Parting:

When parting for each strand, make a square shape. If the section is too wide or tall, it will strain the hair. Making a square section helps the hair bear the weight of the bond equally.