Wig Cap Monofilament

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Fleece cloth – gentle to the skin.
Elastic rope with adjustable buckles.
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Monofilament cap construction is the preferred choice for those who want the most natural look while wearing a wig. Wig manufacturers originally developed the monofilament cap for women who have experienced significant hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons and have sensitive scalps. Sometimes mono-top wigs are referred to as “medical wigs.” Due the labor-intensive requirements to make monofilament wigs, they are more expensive than standard wigs featuring wefted caps.

Regardless of whether a wig is made from synthetic fibers or human hair, the mono-cap construction method is the same. Instead of a few strands of hair or a weft of hair sewn into the wig cap, each and every single hair is individually hand knotted into a monofilament mesh cap so that it comes straight out of the mesh. This unique monofilament weaving allows each strand of hair to move freely and more naturally, allowing you to change the part and style of a monofilament cap wig.

There are a number of variations in monofilament design construction depending upon the wig manufacturer. Since many hairstyles don’t require 100% monofilament technology to achieve a stunning look, or only require them at certain locations in the wig’s cap, monofilament cap construction may differ in some minor ways from style to style. Most hand tied monofilament constructions involve a part area or perhaps just the crown. A basic rule of thumb is: “the smaller monofilament area the less expensive the wig.” Nevertheless, all quality monofilament wigs offer a superior natural appearance.