Re-tipping Machine

1,750.00د.إ + VAT

  • Retip Hair Extension Machine with 3 tips: V tip / Flat tip / U tip
  • Material: Metal steel
  • 7.5kg
  • Make pre-bonded hair extensions easy!
  • Use bulk hair or reuse your hair extensions – saves money!
  • Training is available









A good skill to learn how to re-tip pre-bond hair extensions so that they can be use for multiple fittings. When hair extensions are looked after correctly by following all of the recommended procedure provided, hair extensions can last a number of months. However with the correct after care, you can keep the hair extensions for up to 4 months, making it well worth the extra effort.  It is very helpful to understand how to re-tip hair extensions, as this will allow you to remove your hair extensions at 4 months, re-tip the ends and have them refitted, saving you money as you a recycling the hair for a second time round.


When hair extensions are worn for long period of time, the bond will eventually begin to break down and becomes softer than it was originally.  This is expected due to the fact that the hair extensions will be regularly wet through washing and styling, and over the course of 4 months this will weaken the bond.


The main benefits of re-tipping hair extensions is that it is a cost effective way of making the most of your hair extensions.  As you are wearing them over a 3-4 months period they will slowly grow down until 4th month has passed and they are ready to be removed.  If however, the hair is still in good condition, you can reuse the hair for a second time around, however you will not be able to fit again with the existing bond as it will not hold as it would have the first time around.  By re-tipping the hair extensions you are starting a fresh with a new solid tip, that can be fitted and will stay in place for a number of extra months until you decide to change the hair for a brand new set.