Pin Tail Comb Telescopic

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The special features of the telescopic metal pin tail comb

  • Can shorten the comb for easy storage or travel.
  • Retracting the tip, you can adjust the metal tail length for convenience
  • Durable and Heat Resistant
  • A unique and hairdressing tool


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A pin tail comb is similar to a rat tail comb, the difference is much thinner and finer. If you want to more precise parting the hair, the pin tail comb is perfect to use. Using a flat iron to straighten the hair, these types of combs can be true miracle-worker.

You can work on your hair section by section and not leave any stray hairs behind, and it can also help you not accidentally poke your scalp. If you use rollers, the pin tail comb helps you gather just the right amount of hair for each roller, and anything you need to be done including dyeing –it is much easier with a pin tail comb.

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