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Nylon, which is our most popular wig cap. If your head, or hair, is slippery, the nylon will give your wig something to grip onto and keep it from sliding. If you have hair you can tuck this into the cap to keep it from protruding.

Mesh-like constructionthis allows the scalp to breathe during wig wear, which is particularly beneficial if a wig is being worn for long periods of time. As well as this, the mesh construction is great at keeping natural hair in place.

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Wig caps is a protective barrier to the scalp. Particularly for ladies with total hair loss, a wig cap can protect a sensitive scalp that can become irritated from a wig being worn directly on the head. As a result, wig caps can make wig-wearing more comfortable!

When a wig is placed straight onto a bare scalp, it can sometimes slip throughout the day. In such cases, a wig cap can be an effective way of keeping a wig in place throughout wear. A wig cap provides a layer of friction against the wig, making it particularly beneficial for ladies with total hair loss. For some, a wig cap provides them with confidence that their lovely wig is going to stay in place throughout the day!

Wig caps can also be beneficial for wig-wearers that have partial or no hair loss – a cap can be a brilliant way of keeping hair in place underneath a wig, allowing wearers to be able to enjoy their wig without having to worry about their own hair having a mind of its own! And while keeping hair in place, a wig cap also smooths out any unwanted bumps caused by natural hair underneath a wig. This allows a wig to sit much better on the head and produces a lovely natural look.

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