Ventilating Tool

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Brass Ventilating Holder
3 size Asian needles





Ventilating is the method used to tie hair to a wig, frontal, closure foundation. This process is intricate and tedious, which is why hand crafted wigs is expensive; ventilating takes a great deal of time and patience

There are 6 Hair ventilating techniques:
Hair Injection -V-Looping -French Drawn -Single Knots -Double Knots -Latch Hook

Ventilating Needle 

The hair ventilating needle (also known as a “knotting hook”)  is the tool used by professional wigmakers to design beautiful wigs. Each hair knotting needle will come  in a variety of sizes.  The sizes describe how many strands of hair the needle will hold at one time.  For example, needle size 1-2 will only pull 1-2 strands of hair at a time.

The Needle Holder

A hair ventilating needle cannot be used alone.   You need a needle holder.  Most professionals tend to use the brass hair ventilation needle holder with an adjustable tip.

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