Shrink Link Tube

Shrink Link Tube

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  • Shrinkable silicon tube has an inner coating of keratin
  • Strong hold for long lasting extensions
  • Easy installation and removal
  • 3.5mm  x 3.1mm x 10mm
  • Clear
  • 200pcs/pkg




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  • The shrink tube is like a small plastic tube with a of keratin on the inside to attach the hair extensions.
  • The shrink link is threaded onto  your natural hair and then pre-bonded hair extensions are then placed inside the tube along with your natural hair.
  • A heat connector is then activated and shrinks around your hair to secure everything together.
  • It provides a very tight seal and a smooth hair extension attachment since there is only a tiny amount of glue inside the shrink link tube.
  • Removal is easy – simply re-heat to soften the tube, then pull the hair to slide down, a small amount of fusion solution if needed to remove residue.


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