Eye Pads for Lash Extensions

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  • Lint Free eye pads enhanced with Collagen.
  • Non-irritant, hypoallergenic.
  • 1pair/sachet









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These eye pads are specially designed for lash extensions.  Its primary function:

  • To cover the bottom lash and to prevent the sharp tweezers from poking the skin.
  • Assess the shape of your client’s eyes – size and curve. Using the right under-eye pads for the right shape of eyes will make the lash extension application easier.  The almond eye is the most suited shape under-eye pads, which keeps the bottom lashes down without the need of micropore tape. The round eye needs careful application as they are prone to getting  eyeball bruise. The usual pads do not fit the eyes correctly, and they have to be applied in different technique.
  • Tape trick – micropore tape must-have for lash application. It works wonders by gently pulling the lid away to help reach the tiny lashes in the corners.  Apply the under-eye gel pad first, then tape the lower lashes down on top of the pad. That will prevent the eye patches from slipping. Also  protects the lower lash from adhesive during application.
  • Great for lash mapping – a technique to balance your design.

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Eyepatch Shape

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