Pink Eyelash Extensions

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  • Three-lengths combination’s of even and odd number.  
  • Available in D.07 volume diameters.
  • 21 lines – silk matte finish.




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Eyelash extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes appear bolder, but sometimes regular extensions don’t go far enough. Colored lash extensions enhance your eyes even more than lashes in natural colors, allowing you to stand out. Try this latest beauty fad before it becomes mainstream. Eyelash Extensions Colored Purple

Colored lash extensions are available in a huge variety of tones, from pink to purple. They can work much like eyeshadow by bringing out the color of your eyes. You can ask for extensions that will complement and your eye.

Colored lashes go beyond simply enhancing your eye color. They also add definition to your eyes and allow you to express your personality. Plus, they have all the advantages of regular extensions, including increasing the volume and length of your eyelashes and eliminating the need for eye makeup.

There are a variety of different Eyelash Extensions to choose from, that can make your eyes stand out. The most popular way of using colored lash extensions is to combine a percentage of colored lashes with a slightly larger percentage standard lashes — the higher the number of colored, the bolder the final result. This creates an effect that is impossible to achieve with mascara.


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Length combination

10/12/14mm, 11/13/15mm