Eyelash Extensions Faux Mink D.07

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  • Faux mink in 18lines
  • Odd and even combination size
  • 0.07 thickness
  • Easy grab





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The curls are defined by a letter representing the look of the curl. J-curl is obviously more of J shape and is the least curly or lifted. B-curl is a lesser or basic curl. C-curl is the common curl that matches most people natural lash curl. D-curl is the most dramatic and lifted, it will be the most visible from the front, it is also the most popular. LC-curl has a shape that makes these lashes ideal if working with clients who have hooded eyelids for whom D curl just isn’t enough. Eyelash Extensions Faux Mink C.07

.07 mm thicknesses are used for volume lashes. The number of lash extensions in a fan should vary depending on the thickness of your natural lashes and the thickness of the extensions being used.  .07 mm with 3 extensions to 5 lashes per fan, depending on what the natural lashes can handle.

Tip: Matching your eyelash extensions to the curl of your natural lashes can help increase retention, the extension will adhere to more to the natural lash.

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Weight 0.031 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.5 × 11.5 cm

10, 12 & 14mm, 11,13 & 15mm