Eyeliner Pigments Set

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  • A procedure that uses a needle that penetrates the skin and releases pigment.
  • Eyeliner pigment set
  • 6 Set of 6 Different Colors






Eyeliner a semi permanent makeup procedure benefits

  • Define your eyes
  • No more smudging the of eyeliners
  • Enhances the lash line
  • Saves time and money
  • Great for people with unsteady hands or vision problems
  • Swim, shower or excessive sweat without the eyeliners running
  • Fills in thin or light colored eyelashes
  • Ideal for total eyelash loss due to trichotillomania or Alopecia

Eyeliner frames the eyes and can make eyelashes appear thicker, darker and fuller. It eliminates the need to apply eye line with pencil or liquid eyeliner. It enhances the shape or balance (symmetry) of the eyes, creates the illusion of larger eyes, or the affect how the spacing of the eyes is perceived. Eyeliner can also enhance or intensify eye color and make eyes appear brighter. making it appear that you have full and thick lashes.

Some clients like a more dramatic look and depending on the individual’s skin eyeliners can be build up to the desired thickness over the course of multiple sessions.

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