Shading Flat Needle 17-pins

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For uniform, straight strokes,  flat-shading blades are a must have. These are especially useful when shading in the ‘tail’ of the brow or creating a straighter style brow for your client.

  • Double Raw Shading Needle- 17 Pins
  • Diameter of each needle: 0.25mm
  • Individually Sterile Wrapped
  • Flexible cover for control of Microblading strokes
  • 30 pcs/pkg




The flat needle groupings are great shading needles. These needle groupings are all straight in a row and lay tightly together. They can be used for filling in solid color or can be used for applying unique artistic techniques.

When to Shade  

  • When there is little to no real hair.  You’ll want to create the look of density AND hair strokes to give the impact that is missing from the lack of hair.  Oftentimes, this goal cannot be achieved by micro bladed hair strokes alone. 
  • When the brows are patchy with a lot of missing areas such as the front, tails, or general thinness. By micro blading hair strokes, then adding shading, the transitional area from hair to no hair will be less detectable and more seamless.
  • When your client wants a bolder brow.  Microblading alone yields a subtle, natural look, so often clients are frustrated that they are still using pencil or powder to fill in their brows.  Microblading + shading will provide that extra “pop” and definition that will keep your clients happy and sending lots of referrals your way!
  • When you want to get the most out of your first appointment.  If you’re tired of micro blading being a 2-step process and want your clients to heal with 90-100% color retention, adding shading will do the trick.  If you’re having problems with retention or need to do a powdered brow look for those candidates who just don’t handle micro blading well, shading is the answer you’ve been looking for. The key is to dilute pigment for that soft, ombre look clients love.


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