Transparent Round Plastic Containers

25.00د.إ + VAT

  • 5 pcs
  • 26.5cm diameter x 2cm
  • Made of quality PET plastic


Plastic containers store and organize items, uniformly sized, can be stacked in bags or drawers, utilizing every inch of your storage space.  It serves several important functions in our modern lives: Aluminum Ziplock Bags
  • Protection: protects vulnerable products from damage whilst in transit and from contamination or damage by moisture, humidity, gases, microorganisms, insects and light.
  • Preservation: preserves products for longer time to use.
  • Prevents waste: products kept together and spillages avoided.
  • Transportation: It saves space through stacking objects which make transporting more efficient.
  • Display information: important information about the product, content or allergy advice, is displayed on packaging.